Welcome to the future of charging

Tired of carrying a bundle of chargers for your various electronic devices?

The Infinity Charger is here to revolutionize the way you power up your gadgets, offering you a single, versatile solution for all your charging needs.

Welcome to the liberating world of the AyraTec Infinity Charger. 


Simultaneous fast-charging.

True compatibility. Laptop charging.

The only charger you will need wherever you go.

Equipped with three fast-charging output cables you can quickly charge three of your electronic gadgets simultaneously - all the outputs are adjustable for full compatibility with all your devices.

At the press of a button the full power of 65W is re-directed to one of the outputs, enabling you to charge your laptop too.

Whether you are at home or at work, travelling or staying at friends, you will only bring one charger.

The most versatile multi-fast-charger

  • Fast-charge multiple devices

    Charge three devices at 20W each

  • All the charging plugs you need

    3x USB-C, 2x Lightning, 1x Micro-USB

  • Charge your PC or MacBook

    Full power mode with 65W

Save time

Fast-charge simultaneously

Maximum convenience

Adjustable output plugs

Live light

Carry only one charger

live elegant

Modern and compact design

For a little more freedom

Conquering the challenges of charging

In our fast-paced world, we've become increasingly reliant on a symphony of electric gadgets that empower our daily lives. These devices have become our trusted companions: From smartphones to headphones, cameras, and laptops, keeping us connected, entertained and productive.

These amazing gadgets are only as good as their next charge. You know the feeling of being tethered to the nearest power outlet while trying to manage a jungle of charging cables and power adapters.

That's where the AyraTec Infinity Charger comes into play. Meet your modern charging companion designed to liberate you from the cable clutter and redefine your charging experience. We've embarked on a mission to make charging as effortless, efficient, and stylish as your beloved gadgets themselves.

Say farewell to cable chaos and usher in a new era of seamless charging with us.

See it in Action!

True compatibility

Universally suitable for older and newer devices

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Each cable has a USB-C plug as the base (3x USB-C)

See it in Action!

More freedom

Bring only one charger, wherever you go

See it in action!

Power up with friends

Fast-charge three devices simultaneously

See it in Action!

Live featherlight

One charger for all your needs

one charger to rule them all

Revolutionize your charging

One charger for all your devices - one charger for all your needs.

Simultaneously electrify three fast-charging cables with adjustable outputs, all with one charger that's compatible with all your beloved gadgets.

AT Your fingertips

Full Power Mode with 65W

Press the button to redirect the full 65W of power to one of the outputs, to charge larger devices such as laptops.

Stay charged, connected, and productive on the go with ease.

Unlock the possibilities

Versatile compatibility

The Infinity Charger is compatible with everything your tech heart desires: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many more. 

The compact and stylish design conserves space, making it an ideal choice for versatile use, whether it's for travel or daily use at home, or even on the go.


Travel light

The Infinity Charger is the ultimate solution for those who relish traveling light, embracing boundless exploration without constraints.

With it's light weight and compact size, it fits seamlessly into your travel essentials, ensuring you're always prepared for your next adventure, no matter how far or wide.

our promise: Swiss quality

Built for longevity

Crafted from top-tier materials, the Infinity Charger is not only durable but also designed to endure the rigors of daily use.

We stand behind its quality, offering a satisfaction guarantee along with exceptional customer service, ensuring your charging experience is consistently hassle-free.