From bundle of chargers to the ultimate all-in-one charger

Live, work, and travel light with just one charger for all your devices.

Meet the AyraTec Infinity Charger.

Versatile compatibility, future-proof.

Meet the AyraTec Infinity Charger

  • The only charger you will ever need

    Carry only one charger wherever you go

  • Never be without the right charger

    Always have the right output plugs for all your devices with just one charger

  • Quick pit stop for fully charged gadgets

    Save valuable time by fast-charging all your devices at once

Charging pains? Never again - we promise!

  • Tired of dealing with multiple chargers and cables?

    Our compact charger effortlessly handles all your electronic devices, even laptops.

  • Irritated by the chaos of different cables and plugs?

    All the charging plugs you need with adjustable outputs to match your devices.

  • Fed up with the dilemma of which device to charge first?

    Charge all devices simultaneously, saving time and utilizing just one power outlet.

  • Sick of waiting around for slow charging speeds?

    Our charger can fast-charge
    three devices simultaneously, a game-changing innovation!

Our community's voice

  • ... wow it is amazing. Perfect length cords and fast charging. Buying another one to use daily and one for travel. 

    L. F.
  • ... It is super small and light, making it incredibly convenient for travel and everyday use.

    Valerie T.
  • ... Now, all they need to take with them is one charger for all their devices!

    Tamara S.
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One charger for all your needs

  • Streamline all charging needs into one single charger

    Compatible with smartphones, tablets, headphones, cameras, speakers, laptops, projectors, and many more

  • No more charger debates or prioritizing devices

    Simultaneously fast-charge
    three devices with 20W each from a single power outlet

  • Carefree charging without hunting for the right cables

    Adjustable outputs with 3x USB-C, 2x Lightning, and 1x Micro-USB

The power of two charging modes

  • Triple Fast-Charging Mode

    Choose the right output plugs for your devices and charge simultaneously at 20W each

  • Full Power Mode (65W)

    Switch to 65W mode and enjoy the convenience of charging your laptop, projector, etc.

See it in action!

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Infinity Charger 65W GaN

10 total reviews

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Your all-in-one multi-device fast-charger to simplify charging and live light. The only charger you will ever need.

Simultaneous fast-charging: Fast-charge three devices at the same time with 20W each

Versatile compatibility: Adjustable outputs with 3x USB-C, 2x Lightning, and 1x Micro

Laptop charging: Charge larger devices such as PCs/MacBooks with 65W via USB-C

Compact, lightweight: Weighing just 160g, perfect for on-the-go use

    Powering up your freedom

    Three fast-charging cables and all the different output plugs you need to power your devices.

    The Infinity Charger features two charging modes; the first allows you to charge up to three devices simultaneously at fast-charging speeds.

    The second charging mode is accessible at the press of a button and redirects the total 65W of power to one of the outputs, allowing you to charge largers devices such as laptops.

    Never again worry about carrying multiple adapters and cables with the right output plugs.

    Technical specs
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    What is the AyraTec Infinity Charger?

    The AyraTec Infinity Charger is a multi-device fast-charger designed to make your life easier. It can charge multiple devices simultaneously, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.

    How many devices can the Infinity Charger charge at once?

    The Infinity Charger is equipped to charge up to three devices simultaneously. Whether you have a mix of smartphones, tablets, or even a laptop, it's your all-in-one charging solution.

    Is it compatible with my devices?

    The Infinity Charger supports a wide range of devices, including those with USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB ports. It's designed to work seamlessly with most electronic gadgets.

    What makes the Infinity Charger environmentally friendly?

    The Infinity Charger is crafted with GaN (Gallium Nitride), which is known for its energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact. It's a sustainable choice for your charging needs.

    How long does the Infinity Charger last?

    We've designed the Infinity Charger to be a durable and long-lasting solution. With premium materials and rigorous quality control, it's built to withstand the test of time.

    Can I use it internationally?

    Yes, the Infinity Charger is designed to work with various international power standards, making it an excellent choice for travelers.

    How fast does it charge my devices?

    The Infinity Charger provides fast-charging capabilities to ensure your devices are ready to use quickly. It's optimized for efficient charging.

    Is it safe to use?

    Safety is our priority. The Infinity Charger incorporates multiple safety features to protect your devices while charging. It's rigorously tested to meet the highest quality standards.

    Infinity Charger 65W GaN
    Infinity Charger 65W GaN
    Infinity Charger 65W GaN
    Infinity Charger 65W GaN
    Infinity Charger 65W GaN
    Infinity Charger 65W GaN
    Infinity Charger 65W GaN
    Infinity Charger 65W GaN
    Infinity Charger 65W GaN

    Essential bundle: Get 2 and save 72 USD

    • One for at home, one for on the go

    Ultimate bundle: Get 3 and save 125 USD

    • In the bedroom, living room, at the office

    Comprehensive contentment

    • Risk-free 30-day return

      No-risk 30-day return policy for peace of mind

    • Quality guarantee

      12 months warranty, FCC and CE certified

    • Global shipping

      4-8 working days to most major markets, competitive rates

    • Delivered duty paid

      No extra charges or delays

    Fast-charging multiple phones at a friends gathering
    Charge your gadgets before your next flight
    Switch to 65W Full Power Mode to charge your MacBook on the go
    Preparing for the next adventure
    Vast charging possibilities with three versatile output cables
    Adjustable outputs: 2x Lightning, 1x Micro, future-proof 3x USB-C

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Best plug I got

    I've bought this on Kickstarter and let me tell you!!! I don't need to bring other plugs with me just this one and the cord is looong. It has USBc, USB micro, and Apple. I have a gaming handheld computer that need 60W charger and the only one I was able to use was the one that came with the computer, once I got this it worked and was I shocked and happy. One of my top purchases this year, I give it a A+++

    Gregory Lee
    Handy device

    The Ayratec Infinity Charger meets all my charging needs! Because it is extremely portable, I can easily fit it in my tech pouch. This is a must have for any EDC collection!

    Tamara S.
    Highly recommended gadget!

    The shop is clearly organized, with fast delivery - everything is just perfect with my order! I ordered four chargers as gifts, and all the recipients were delighted with these stylish and super practical gadgets. Now, all they need to take with them is one charger for all their devices!

    Mike Agov
    Amazing Product

    A very useful device! It exceeded my expectations! I am very happy with it! Welldone guys! Appreciated a lot...

    Valerie T.
    super powerful, compact, and light!

    Great product! I have one at home to charge all my different devices overnight or when I have friends over. The other one is in constant use charging both my laptop and my phone. This eliminates the need for my bulky Lenovo charger and an extra iPhone charger. It is super small and light, making it incredibly convenient for travel and everyday use.